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Following the steps of the Inca Empire

Be part of a living culture, of a tradition, dare to know the customs lived in a historical space, which will take us back to a millenary past, full of mysticism and knowledge. For this we will visit four important places (Sacsayhuaman, Quenqo, Puka Pukara and Tambomachay), grandiose establishments of the largest empire in pre-Hispanic Peru, "The Incas", who through their modern, descendants will show us the richness of their development in their successful for these blessed lands, the culture that knew how to develop with the acquired knowledge, of cultures prior to it and that intelligently developed them taking them to its maximum apogee. Incredibly this and more we can witness, feel and acquire in the land of the Incas, whose magnificence is now shown in the architecture based on a basic material such as stone, which just by looking at it, gives way to open ideas or theories about its construction or its majestic presence.


Sacsayhuaman was built between the 14th and 15th centuries. The work lasted more than five decades being the work of 20,000 men who joined together as tribute (mita). All its structures were located without the need for them to cease to be part of the place where they stand, integrating deeply and harmonically the then sacred category of the landscape, obtaining a colossal altar to nature. The area where this construction is located corresponds to the head of the sacred animal, and one of the translations that this word has is precisely the head of a puma. Pachacútec Inca Yupanqui, the ninth Inca, redesigned the city and gave it the shape of a cougar lying down (the puma is the guardian of earthly things).


What is left of the archaeological complex of Q'enqo are carved rocks that could not be destroyed by the Spaniards, little is left of the paths and aqueducts, nor are the enclosures, the deposits or the liturgical baths. The sets that we described were, without doubt, very important sanctuaries for the Incas. In spite of the destruction that this complex underwent during the colony, what can be appreciated at the moment inside him, still is impressive and colossal.


In Pukapukara there are interior squares, baths, aqueducts and an old road that is very well known. The buildings are made of stones that have many sizes between medium and small, the surface of the rocks is very rugged, comparing with the rest archaeological of others. The urban layout is adequate and functional. In this complex three walls were built with irregular floors, this construction has three levels for the same place. The first wall has a winding path that carefully avoids cutting the outgoing rocks. To the north and behind the outer wall, you can find six rooms of different sizes, they are built in an irregular way so as not to touch the rocks that create the wall. The second wall surrounds the central elevation. Between this and the first there are platforms that are very wide, that look south and east.


This place has an area of approximately half a hectare and the material used for its construction was limestone with polygonal style rigging. The tradition knows this monument as "The Bath of the Ñusta" due to the existence of two aqueducts that carry crystal clear water all year This complex is located between hills that are covered with a type of grass (in Quechua "ichu") and in certain seasons appear "llaullitica" and "Cantu", beautiful flowers of various colors. Tambomachay has three corridors or successive terraces from bottom to top and could be said to equal three floors. The constructions are of irregular assembled polyhedrons, the walls have an inward inclination, presenting large and wide niches or niches. In front of the main building, on the eastern side of the complex, there is a tower with an incomplete circular floor on top.


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