• Kind: Hidden Lima
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Availability: 9am / 2pm ( Daily Departures)
  • $59.00 / 1 traveler

  • USD $45.00 / 2 Travelers

Be part of the love, tradition and passion

Join us and be part of the most important love stories in the colonial times, be envolved for the wonderfull areas as Barranco (its considerated the bohemian and romantic area of the country) then were going to go to Chorrillos one of the best view points of the Peruvian coast, Were going to be part then we are going to walk around the amazing parks in front of the ocean until BARRANCO “the bohemian district of the country”, here you will be amazed by the bridge of sighs, la bajada de baños and be envolved by the loves histories, that’s why this district is considerate a romantic area.
Let’s go the view point of Chorrillos and see the indescreptible view of the coast of Lima at the same time be part of the history of the Dominic monk that jump from that hill for his wife that was be separating for his love, both suicide their self, jumping to the ocean and sharing their lifes forever.


- Round trip transportation
– Official Tour Guide
– All entrance tickets
– Tolls
– Parking
– Taxes.


- Came with 100% of energy to live an unforgettable experience.
- Don’t forget to charge your phone / camera for all your pictures.
- Bring with you some document to identify yourself (Passport)


- All the tours are exclusive to 4 person, in special cases 6, never more than 6 people.
- We can do the tour in 4 languages English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
- You could pay with credit or debit card (+5% of charge) or cash, “Pay always at the end of the tour to your tour guide”.
- If the tour include something to book in advance, we are going to ask the money in advance.


- Any payment with cash or card will be at the end of the tour.
- If you pay from the button "", don't forget tell us about the booking using the form on the botton part.
- Write us and we are to answer to you as soon is possible.
- All our bookings are trough e-mail, just wait your confirmation back to your mail.

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