• Kind: Museums
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Availability: 9am / 2pm ( Daily Departures)
  • $75.00 / 1 traveler

  • USD $59.00 / 2 Travelers

Live The History

Join us and be part of an unforgettable experience, visiting our ancestral Lima. Let`s know the "NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ARQUEOLOGY, ANTHROPOLOGY AND HISTORY". It shows the complete history of the first inhabitants of Peru and their cultures through their time of conquest, the colony and the republic, the "LARCO HERRERA MUSEUM". best museums of America, located in a 17th century viceroyalty mansion, you will find the finest collection of gold and silver of ancient Peru, as well as the most famous collection of erotic art of the Moche culture. In the same way we can relive the past in the "ARQUEOLOGICAL ZONE MATEO SALADO" admiring the style in its constructions of adobe and the great ceremonial pyramids.


- Round trip transportation
– Official Tour Guide
– All entrance tickets
– Tolls
– Parking
– Taxes.


- Came with 100% of energy to live an unforgettable experience.
- Don’t forget to charge your phone / camera for all your pictures.
- Bring with you some document to identify yourself (Passport)


- All the tours are exclusive to 4 person, in special cases 6, never more than 6 people.
- We can do the tour in 4 languages English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
- You could pay with credit or debit card (+5% of charge) or cash, “Pay always at the end of the tour to your tour guide”.
- If the tour include something to book in advance, we are going to ask the money in advance.


- Any payment with cash or card will be at the end of the tour.
- If you pay from the button "", don't forget tell us about the booking using the form on the botton part.
- Write us and we are to answer to you as soon is possible.
- All our bookings are trough e-mail, just wait your confirmation back to your mail.

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